How Can We Help You?

1What is the difference between Field Mapplet, Mapplet, and MapLibrary?
Field Mapplet allows office and field to manage workflows during day-to-day work. Mapplet is a GIS viewer that anyone can use to access important data. MapLibrary is a web-based application useful for all departments to be able to access information quickly. Click on each products' tab for more details.
2What does it take to get started?
It's easy! Simply call us at 1-949-540-6400 so we can provide you with a checklist to evaluate where you stand with your current resources and where to get started.
3What kind of data do I need to get started?
One of the many benefits of the Mapplet Suite and each product individually is that you are not required to have a preexisting GIS data set. However, if you do have existing data we can work with it whether it is tabular or GIS data. If you have don’t have this kind of data, we’ll start with a base map that we can help you configure.
4Do I need to purchase other software?
Within our product, you don’t need to purchase any additional software from a database perspective. You will simply need to store your data on a Windows server 2008 R2 or better.
5What version of ESRI GIS do the products work with?
Another major benefit of MAMS is that it is version independent meaning you can have version ESRI 93 or 9.X and up.
6Do I have to have GIS to use these products?
No, but if you do have GIS, we will absolutely take advantage of it and incorporate it in the configuration.
7How much does it cost?
We pride ourselves on being one of the most cost effective platforms on the market. By engineering our own solutions thus saving overhead costs, we are able to offer a more affordable solution to our clients. For more information and a personalized quote, please contact us.
8How can I request a demo?
Contact us today at 1-949-540-6400. Depending on your preference, we can administer a virtual meeting online or schedule a time for an on-site demonstration.