MapLibrary is a web-based application for the distribution and sharing of thematic maps, as-built drawings, and other types of electronic documents. MapLibrary eliminates the effort in accessing important maps and documents that span multiple departments. Requiring little technical proficiency, MapLibrary makes data access easy and expands the audience within your organization who can benefit from their investment in GIS.

Experience the Benefits

Easily link to documents easily from websites or other applications
Web-based, searchable repository of maps, drawings, and/ any other required electronic documents
Search using attribute values optionally combined with a spatial area measurement
Export subsets of the repository as standalone 'mini-MapLibraries'
Select spatial area is selected using a simple map view or your own map choice
Integration with Mapplet allows for easy linking of MapLibrary documents to related map features
Control accessibility based on a user's role such as client or administrator
Easily define custom sets of attributes associated with each document

Powerful administration interface makes customization easy
Export packages can be used by Field Mapplet as mobile document repositories
Categorize your documents based on artifact type for easy searching
Easily submit documents from anywhere within your intranet