Open Source GIS : A Disruption or Driver of Innovation?

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October 19, 2017
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Open Source GIS : A Disruption or Driver of Innovation?

As GIS and location data usage become increasingly mainstream, so does the demand for Open Source versions. This article explores why and examines the potential impact it may have on the innovation of the industry as whole.

Far from the days of yore when Geographic Information Systems was an obscure form of computer modeling and visualizations that was mostly confined to university laboratories, GIS is now being utilized by organizations and individuals that span industries and sectors across the globe.

It undergirds fields such as big-data analytics and data visualization and is used by organizations from agriculture to the government for gaining deeper insight and understanding of their data. This disruption also means that more often than not, the preference for open source software is leaving its commercial counterpart in the dust.

But why? From the outset – the obvious benefits of open source make it appear as if it were the no-brainer option, especially when examined under the lens of of scalability, technology performance, price and integration – to name a few cited pros. But whether this fits hand-in-glove with every business model and methodology or not, what will be the downstream effects of open source’s preferential treatment on the geospatial industry as a whole, as it continues to co-evolve along other sectors that are becoming increasingly dependent on its innovation and accessibility?

This recent article by Niall Conway explores this impact as GIS demand and ussage continues to grow:

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