The Battle Against the California Drought – an Important Topic in 2015

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August 6, 2015
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September 14, 2015
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The Battle Against the California Drought – an Important Topic in 2015

Water Angel

What started out as one ordinary woman’s curiosity, turned into her being called the “water angel” in East Porterville: Donna Johnson started asking her neighbors if they had water, and discovered that many of them did not have any water in their wells. She began delivering bottled water to help aid in a situation where having water daily was no longer a reality for many residents. “Since the county started tracking private well failures in September, 996 have been reported, the vast majority in East Porterville. County officials have approved more than 2,600 well-drilling permits; 654 households have bottled drinking water hand-delivered; and the United Way of Tulare County has received 683 drought-related calls for assistance.”

This story is increasingly becoming the norm for many California towns.  “Nearly the entire state is at least “abnormally dry” (0.14% is not). Almost half the state (44%) is in “exceptional” drought, the most severe condition, according to the US Drought Monitor.

That prompted Governor Jerry Brown to declare mandatory restrictions on urban water use, ordering a 25% cutback.”

 Shade Balls

It comes as no surprise that 4 months later, California has just begun the fight against the drought. It makes some sense that the most populated city in California is doing this: Last week California tried something new to preserve the California water sources: a Los Angeles reservoir was covered with 96 million shade balls to conserve water.

These balls will conserve 300 million gallons of water each year, giving water to the entire city for up to three weeks. The balls help with environmental issues as well as with evaporation. It does cost the city 3.5 million dollars, but the city says it’s less expensive than other measures.

This idea may seem a little strange, but during this desperate time, any efforts are important.

Groundwater Campaign

Spatial Wave, partnering with sister company, DCSE, realizes that it can help water agencies manage their groundwater data. With indiscriminate and excessive pumping and use of groundwater leading to rapid depletion of valuable groundwater in California, Spatial Wave software and services provide solutions to help agencies meet the requirements of newly mandated California laws regarding groundwater.

Spatial Wave and DCSE have launched a groundwater campaign identifying six groundwater management patterns. Each topic is featured in a six part webinar series discussing its background, the importance of each topic as it relates to water agencies, and how Spatial Wave and DCSE can aid in an agencies’ efforts.With an aim to achieve groundwater sustainability, the State of California is a key stakeholder and legally involved in the management of groundwater resources. New regulations in California which have gone into effect at the beginning of 2015 require impacted groundwater basins to establish local groundwater sustain.

Spatial Wave has different software solutions to manage the water, for example Mapplet, a GIS cloud-based solution. It is launched from within a web browser and is automatically maintained and version controlled. With Mapplet you have easy access to your GIS maps, documents, drawings and data.

The hope is that present efforts and future ideas will help alleviate drought stress.

What do you think California should do to preserve water? What are you personally doing to help?

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