The Future of GIS - Where are we now?

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July 22, 2015
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July 31, 2015
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The Future of GIS – Where are we now?

Opinion Piece: The Future of GIS

Check out this article from 2013: “The Future of GIS”.

Almost two years later, Spatial Wave can say that it’s been a part of the trends in the future of GIS discussed in the article.

Just one major improvement that Spatial Wave has seen in its GIS products like Mapplet and Field Mapplet is in its User Interface. To stay in tune with the “exponential progress” of GIS, the article’s author, Noam Rozenfeld, talks about the importance of having an easy to understand and modern User Interface. Advanced zoom capabilities, detailed maps, speed of the software in general, and user-friendly emphasis have made Spatial Wave a competitive force in GIS. The User Interface of the company’s GIS products set the bar for cutting-edge GIS trends. There’s no doubt that the company will continue to innovate in this area.

In what ways have the modern abilities discussed in the article come to fruition in your GIS software?

What innovations in the future of GIS do you anticipate?

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