Provides easy access & sharing of electronic documents


File Types for MapLibrary

MapLibrary is a web-based application for the distribution and sharing of thematic maps, as-built drawings, and other types of electronic documents. 

Requiring little technical proficiency, MapLibrary makes data access easy and expands the audience within your organization who can benefit from their investment in GIS.  

MapLibrary includes a web-based administrator interface for customizing the metadata stored with the documents, constructing pre-defined searches, and configuring user profiles if maps or documents need to be approved prior to being made available for retrieval.

MapLibrary allows GIS users to share their work with others in their organization, and can save hours that would otherwise be necessary to regenerate lost or hard-to-locate maps (and/or other documents).


Easily link to documents from websites or other applications

Web-based, searchable repository of maps, drawings & any other required electronic documents

Search using attribute values optionally combined with a spatial area measurement

Integration with Mapplet allows for easy linking of MapLibrary documents to related map features

Control accessibility based on a user's role (such as client or administrator)

Export packages associated with each document

Powerful administration interface to make customization easy

Export packages can be used by Field Mapplet as mobile document repositories

Categorize your documents (based on artifact type) for easy searching


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