A Rule-Based GIS Data Merging Tool
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GeoMerge is a robust, yet simple, and most of all, reliable software for ensuring that your data synchronizations are done accurately and quickly.

GeoMerge is an add-in to ArcGIS Pro programmatically synchronizing two layers/tables using rule-based instructions. GeoMerge uses the user-defined rules when synchronizing the data to resolve the conflicts. This allows for a flexible configuration so the end-user can identify the conditions under which a record is updated, inserted, or removed from the destination.

GeoMerge includes comprehensive error handling and reporting, which allows checking the status of the individual runs. The log file resulting from the GeoMerge operation is available for inspection and can be automatically emailed to the administrator monitoring the GeoMerge operation.

GeoMerge supports all versioning models supported by Esri, including the new branch versioning, which is used in Utility Network and Parcel Fabric. It includes support for expressions that could be used to transform the data on the fly or in the rules logic.
GeoMerge includes support for the following source or destinations:
    • Enterprise geodatabase
    • File geodatabase
    • OLEDB (SQL, Oracle, DB2)
    • SQLite – Including Mobile GDB
    • Feature service – Including branch versioning
    • Shapefile

GeoMerge is an ideal tool to maintain a geodatabase synchronized with another geodatabase, an external spatial (e.g., SQL Spatial), or a non-spatial database (Oracle table).


Merge Data between Geodatabases & Tabular Databases

Simplify Maintaining your Most Up-To-Date Data Against External Sources

Captures & Reports Results for Every Execution


Maintain & Keep Your Utility Network Databases Up-To-Date

Supports a Variety of Source & Destination Formats

Can be used by DBAs, GIS Teams, Asset Managers & More

Use Rules to Implement a Complex Data Merging Scenario

Run Batch Merges Operations on Schedule

GeoMerge Tool


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