Streamlining 811 Ticket Management with Mapplet for Maximo



In the world of utility infrastructure management, timely response to locate/Dig-Alert tickets is crucial to prevent accidents and ensure smooth operations. However, traditional ticket management processes often involve manual steps, leading to delays and inefficiencies. Enter Mapplet for Maximo, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize 811 ticket management.


Imagine a utility company receiving an influx of 811 tickets, each requiring prompt attention to mark underground infrastructure accurately. Without an efficient system in place, this process could be laborious and prone to errors.


Here’s where Mapplet for Maximo steps in. Upon receiving an 811 ticket, the solution swiftly processes the information and pinpoints the exact locations on the map where infrastructure marking is needed. This eliminates guesswork and ensures precise identification of marking requirements. Mapplet goes to the next step of tagging the ticket with “no-facility-nearby” if there is no infrastructure within the ticket boundary.


Mapplet for Maximo then auto-generates and assigns a Service Request to mark the ticket, streamlining the process and saving valuable time. Field staff can access these tickets directly on their mobile devices and view them on the map interface provided by Maximo. Service Requests tagged with “no-facility-nearby” can be verified and closed without visiting the excavation site. This is a significant efficiency gain by the locator crew. Services Requests that require marking could be turned into a work order to track resources.

User Experience

In the field, staff can visualize ticket locations, capture photos, and make notes regarding the marking process using Maximo. This real-time collaboration between field personnel and the central system ensures accuracy and transparency.


Once the marking process is complete, Mapplet for Maximo automatically generates a positive response, which is sent back to the 811-call center. This confirms that the ticket has been marked with appropriate notes and information, closing the loop seamlessly.


  • Streamlined ticket processing: Automation reduces manual intervention, minimizing delays and errors.
  • Enhanced collaboration: Field staff can easily access and update ticket information, improving communication and efficiency.
  • Compliance and accuracy: Precise marking and comprehensive documentation ensure regulatory compliance and minimize risks.


By leveraging Mapplet for Maximo, utility companies can transform their 811 ticket management process into a seamless, efficient operation. From ticket reception to closure, the solution streamlines every step, ensuring timely response, accurate marking, and ultimately, safer utility infrastructure management.

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