mams professional

An End-To-End CMMS Solution that grows with your Business


  • A Mobile-Native Asset Management Solution
  • Optimized for Plant Management
  • A GIS-Centric CMMS
  • An IOT-and Scada-Aware System
  • Combines the Knowledge of Where & What


Whether you’re a water or sewer utility or a municipality providing maintenance to city streets, transportation, parks, storm drains and highways, each agency is faced with optimizing the performance of its distributed assets and to maximize their return on investment. This requires implementing the best system available while using technology that is easily adoptable.

Expectations of quality, consistency and speediness with utilities are often taken for granted. The criticality of these infrastructures, for both horizontal and vertical assets, makes executing a reliable and easily maintained system extremely essential. MAMS provides that platform to achieve your goals. It combines the abundance of useful devices to manage your assets while giving you a spatial perspective.

AMS systems that have been designed 5-10 years ago where developed using technology and concepts that are obsolete by today’s technology standards. The generation that is going to maintain your assets has lived in mobile and cloud times with highly efficient technologies to view and access information.

MAMS is a solution that is built on the tides of the new Mobile and GIS technology to leverage the technology of the future.

These is no shortage of failure of Enterprise AMS solutions in the utility industry. Millions of dollars spent to use less than 50 percent of an AMS solution’s capability is a norm with many utilities. Prohibitive upgrade costs have resulted in old technologies being in critical use as organizations struggle to install newer versions of the software technologies.

As a stepping stone to the more robust MAMS Enterprise, MAMS Professional can make moving towards an Enterprise System more affordable and less risky.

MAMS is the first AMS solution to offer a “progressive implementation”.This allows an organization to measure their readiness and move with proper pace to assure success in implementing an enterprise level solution.


Maintains full functionality

(even when disconnected) and stays highly accessible for field crews using it on a daily basis.

Promotes connectivity

between office & field crews, allowing each to access the most updated database of all static & historical asset data.

Work Order Pages

customized to your needs, minimizing excessive forms. Create follow-up work orders in the field using your GIS assets.


No customizing required – the system simply has to be configured to meet your needs.

Multiple GIS functions

which include navigation, optimal routing & linking of documents & facilities.


These include customer service requests, periodic maintenance activities, inspections, redlining & more.


Powerful console environment for supervisor management; GPS-enabled Mobile client for the field.