A Versatile Solution for Collecting Plant Data
Mobile Devices showing Roundsheet on iOS

ABOUT Roundsheet 

Roundsheet is an intelligent tool that simplifies the periodic data log and inspection data collection by the operators of one or more facilities.

Roundsheet saves time and effort for a supervisor to manage creation, assignment, and monitoring of field data collection and inspections by his or her field crews. Many organizations typically refer to this need as “daily logs”, “monthly logs”, “inspection logs”, “logbook,” etc.

Roundsheet replaces this with a mobile solution that enhances the efficiency of data collection workflows and communication of the results with back-end asset management and operations decision support systems. It formalizes and standardizes the process of data collection from paper forms to intelligent electronic forms that contain logic and data validation.

Roundsheet has all the tools an organization needs to create data collection sheets, embed logic and warning alerts, and assign them to staff with the desired frequency of data collection.

  • RoundSheet Works in Disconnected Mode – You can use the Roundsheet in disconnected mode to collect data from locations where internet access is not available. All validation logic will be enforced once your connectivity is re-established.
  • RoundSheet Configuration – You can easily configure a Roundsheet after a short training, and the configuration process is easy and intuitive. You can have e-sheets that collect daily, weekly, monthly, and any other frequency.
  • Smart Notifications – You can define limits for your collected data to trigger notifications. Notifications include messages, emails, as well as work orders to inspect the asset. These all can be configured by your staff.
  • Type of Data – Roundsheet supports the collection of Meter Reads, Inspection Findings, Condition Findings, or simply Observations.


Simplifies periodic data log & inspection data collection for one or more facilities

Works on any mobile or tablet device

Smart solution that understand meter replacements

Roundsheet data can be loaded from an existing Esri GIS system

Easily Configurable & Usable by the Supervisor

Send Smart Notifications if limits are exceeded

Supports Multiple Data Types

Works in Disconnected Mode

Creates automatic work orders or inspections if limits are exceeded

Includes API for Integration with other Systems


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